Sunday, November 20, 2011


As a supplement to my earlier post on the 'traffic crisis', I just learnt of a new service which allows you to rent a driver. I know folks who use this service a number of times especially during peak hours when a lot of driving is required, on day trips and especially when you're out drinking.

There are two or three companies that offer this. DzireDrive is an example. The way it works is that you book a driver (like you would book a cab), by calling in a number and schedule a time. The driver shows up, drives you around in your car. For half a day you pay up something like Rs 200 + tips and you're all set. What a small price to pay for the added convenience.

However there is of course the reliability factor - you have no track record of their driving history. There are cases of young college kids who do this for a few extra bucks and don't take care of your car too well. So there are some downsides, but for the most part the service companies make sure there is some screening done before they are inducted into the service pool.

So next time you have a hectic travel schedule in the city - renting a driver might be a good DIY alternative.

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