Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad customer service - All's well that ends well

We've all had our experiences with bad customer service. Sometimes, you let go swearing off the product or the service, other times you speak to a manager or a supervisor and seek remediation. Specifically with retail  customer service in the US is just fantastic. Return policy is generous, people are helpful and knowledgeable, staff are polite and well trained.

Mansa  recently had this experience where she shopped at the the Arrow showroom in Commercial Street. After buying a pair of trousers she was offered the choice of having the length altered. She had it picked up in a little while as asked and when it came home she found to her surprise that they hadn't been altered. She called the showroom and the lady who talked to her not only was unapologetic but demanded that Mansa take a measuring tape and double check the length as she wouldn't accept her word for it. Even after doing so - the customer rep wasn't convinced that there was fault with the store and asked her to drive (an hour) to get it checked. When asked to speak to her manager (who happened to be out) - Mansa could hear the rep telling the asst manager that "there's a a difficult customer who's creating a fuss"! Mansa succeeded in getting the manger's number and expecting a similar callous attitude, was ready to wage war with him. To her pleasant surprise - the attitude was completely different. He was completely apologetic, and promised to handle the matter personally. A few hours later, he had the asst manager personally hand deliver a new pair of trousers altered to the right length to our house!

We've had many such experiences after our move back, that the front-list customer support is just shocking, but  have had much better success with the next tier up. This is a good sign that there are people in the ranks that get that good service = happy customers = good business. I think it's a matter of time before it trickles down in the ranks.

Our philosophy - don't let go, make sure you report a bad experience, as all's well that ends well.

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