Sunday, December 18, 2011

You're hired - Part II

As mentioned in my earlier post my experience with hiring software developers in the silicon valley of India wasn't very positive.

However - I have had a reasonable degree of success with hiring a team for my Machine Vision Solutions business. Having had a shaky start early on with CS majors, I went in pursuit of Electronics engineers. In the first month of moving back, I did a round of campus recruitment from the engg college where I found that the large majority actually wanted to work in an industry that suited their line of study. Many also contacted us directly after having heard this from their juniors in college. As a start-up I couldn't compete with the MNC's offering hefty pay packages, which turned out to be a great filter to screen out folks who applied out of interest as opposed to money. We use a combination of a written aptitude and basic electronics test, followed by an on-site interview.

Also - I have never stopped hiring. I spend a quarter of my time looking through resumes and interviewing folks. You can never have enough of good talent in your team. This not only helps you be better prepared for growth, but it also makes it easier to transition non-performers out of your team. Given that we're a young company  we haven't been affected by  attrition, but it would be a matter of time. Having a steady hiring pipeline would make attrition less of an issue.

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